Whether in your home, office, or on your boat, AVA orchestrates the variety of commands controlling your lighting, security, networking, communications and audio-video systems. With the touch of a button, you can access preset temperatures and lighting, arm your security system, release the entry gate, control the jacuzzi and/or pool pump, and preset the shades to “half mast.” Your phone system will act as your intercom and paging system, while your internet connection performs at top speed. Audio and video will be distributed and controlled throughout, and you’ll experience two-way feedback from your IPOD, Music Server, or a Satellite Music Service. AVA effortlessly integrates all of your needs into strategically placed in-wall or wireless touchpanels.


Add convenience to your life with AVA solutions for integrated lighting automation and control. A touch of a button illuminates or dims lights to preset levels, so you’ll never have to go from room to room turning lights on and off again. Lighting can also be incrementally adjusted over time to accommodate changes in the day. If it’s the perfect ambiance you want to create – for a movie, dinner party or office function – the AVA system is conveniently customized for your lifestyle or business. Lighting Control systems are a convenient way to showcase artwork, portraits and other decorative and functional aspects of your home or office by aesthetically illuminating them with preset light levels.


There are few things more important than the feeling of being secure in your own home. Whether you want to monitor the front gate, keep an eye on the kids, or communicate by intercom, your AVA system incorporates camera, alarm and gate interfaces at the touch of a button for your safety and convenience.

  • CAMERA INTEGRATION – Cameras provide images of the inside and outside of your home, alerting you to visitors and monitoring doors and gates.
  • ALARM INTERFACE – Beyond setting an alarm, your AVA system will alert you to open doors, and lights will turn on to announce visitors.
  • GATE & DOOR – Whether you need to grant access to your home or to be alerted to open gates and doors, AVA’s system provides the ideal security solutions.


Regardless of the environment – whether it’s your home, boardroom, boat, wine cellar or greenhouse – AVA provides solutions to automatically regulate temperature. Preset levels adjust at different points throughout the day depending upon your desired comfort level or requirement for energy efficiency. Beyond the control you have from your home, levels can also be monitored and adjusted remotely. AVA’s system balances varying heat loads generated by lighting, equipment and people. Lights come up or down in the pool, heating pumps turn on and off, your jacuzzi’s water swirls, and a waterfall flows. Throughout the day, window drapery or sunshades ascend and descend by a touch of a button.