Keeping in touch is one of the most important aspects of your daily life. Whether you need to know where the kids are, keep on top of your employees and clientsí needs, or simply communicate with friends, AVA simplifies your communication needs by providing integrated networking, telephone and intercom systems.


Wired or wireless, AVA can provide a system that gives you the security and flexibility you need. No longer will you be forced to work in the den or be near a printer. Instead, you can work off a laptop next to the pool, while printing to the printer in your office. In fact, everyone in your home can share printers, along with files and music.


It is essential that your telephone system is reliable, whether itís in your home, office or on your vessel. AVA understands and customizes a communications system for the convenience and security of your family and business.


Talk from room to room or from an outside entry point (door / gate) to another phone inside the house. Send an all page throughout the house to let everybody know dinner is ready or that someone has a phone call on hold. Also the Door Bell Chime routes throughout the house.


Technology changes every day, enhancing the way we live but also with the potential to complicate our lives. Not so with AVA, which offers a range of simple and affordable solutions to provide for your technological needs. Whether you are building a home, remodeling a home or looking to retrofit your existing home, AVA can design and implement a wide variety of wiring solutions that will integrate technology into your living space. Not only will structured wiring add value to your home, it provides the backbone for wired and wireless home networks, lighting control, distributed audio and video, remote access, and extended security options. Find out just how structured wiring can add technology benefits to your home and simplify your life.