Control your CD and DVD collections automatically with the touch of a button. Your entire catalogue of music and movies is available to distribute anywhere in your home without the fuss of locating CDs and DVDs, choosing settings, components, tracks, adjusting volume, or finding all those remotes. Whether you want to relax with some jazz in the bedroom or want music broadcast throughout your home while entertaining guests, AVA simplifies your life. AVA provides the technology so the kids can watch a movie in your home theater while you and your neighbors enjoy music on the deck and your husband watches a few football games in your media room


AVA provides solutions to manage your CDs and DVDs so you no longer waste time locating and navigating through your music and video collection. Instead, your collection becomes centrally located and searchable by categories including genre, title, artist and actor. AVA provides you with further flexibility to distribute your audio and video throughout your home or just in one room, indoors or out, controlled remotely or from a touchpanel.


Music and video can be stored in a centralized system using computer hard drives instead of cumbersome CD's and DVD's. Controls are easy to use and are automatically updated for new additions. You can have multiple streams of music and video to different rooms all simultaneously! Add to that easy to use touch-panels and remote controls that allow you to effortlessly choose a playlist, an album, or an entire genre of music in one or more rooms in your house.


Speakers’ blend seamlessly with your home’s design elements, either esconced in the wall or unobtrusively incorporated into your ceiling’s décor.


No more searching for separate remotes controlling the various electronic components in your home. A touch of a button provides you with instant access to and control of your integrated AVA system.