AVA understands your home is your castle. But your home can also be your audio and video playground, with AVA services that include distributed audio and video, home theaters and media rooms. And because your home is also your sanctuary, AVA provides home automation, lighting control, security, networking and phone systems.

When you awake each morning, a push of a button enables your window treatments to ascend as you welcome a new day. Your homeís ambiance is now under your command. You want just the right lighting and temperature. Security at your fingertips. The kids want rock music in the den. You want Motown in the kitchen and jazz in the bedroom. After a long day, youíll transform your mood once again at the touch of a button. A projection screen descends as you settle in to your home theaterís recliner for the ultimate, intimate moviegoing experience. Because AVA offers such a comprehensive range of possibilities along with our trademark expert service, we will design an idyllic lifestyle experience contoured to your needs. Youíve received upgrades on flights and hotel rooms. How about an upgrade to your lifestyle, in your very own home?